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On-Board Antennas
Off-Board Antennas
Embedded Antennas


Connectivity is key in today’s world and devices in the market require strong signal strength to allow for peak performance. Integrating an antenna is not trivial, whether it is an off-the-shelf product or a highly customized solution, and should not be an afterthought.,casino sites

roulette bonus offers,The AVX antenna design team strongly recommends considering the antenna design and/or the antenna integration process as early as possible, ideally during the product design and the radio module selection. A perfect match between the radio and the antenna will ensure all wireless connectivity needs are met.


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LCD and batteries are considered like metallic elements in the antenna world, as well as their wire harnesses connected to the main PCB of the device. The location and size of the battery or LCD connector/wire might impact the antenna tuning too. Indeed, as the antenna converts electric signals into electromagnetic airwaves, it induces RF currents running on the ground of the device including the battery/display and its connectors or wires. Having RF currents running on the battery or the LCD can create constructive (currents going in one direction, used like a ground plane extension) or destructive interference (currents operating in a zigzag shape). LCD is also an important source of electromagnetic noise and besides the impact on the radiation pattern, it can add noise on the signal, degrading the sensitivity of the device,carta magnum terbaru 2018

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casumo,Similarly, the DC lines feeding some motors, acoustic components like microphones, earpiece, speakers, vibrators can be dramatically impacting the RF performance of the antenna. Those lines can be decoupled up to a certain point with inductors placed on each lines.

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9When Selecting the components for the Matching circuit, filtering or decoupling, it is mandatory that the SRF (Self Resonance Frequency) of the chosen components are compatible with the frequency of the radio signal. SRF depends of the components size, packaging and manufacturing technology. We recommend using the Accu-P® and Accu-L® thin films free credit no deposit and Inductors from AVX in order to get the most precise matching circuit.